The digital transformation of Makoter d.o.o.

Makoter d.o.o. received co-financing for the implementation of the operation “Digital Transformation of Makoter d.o.o.”

The investment is funded as part of the Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


STT (flexiloophandle), DKT (Patched handle bags), Vest bags, Bags for industrial use, …


Construction foil, Foils for machine packaging, Polyethylene foil, Stretch foils, Thermo contractile foil

Our company

The main products of the company are polyethylene foil and bags.

Care for quality


Quality policy is the topmost commitment of the Makoter d.o.o. management, which is to ensure successful business in the long term, based on appropriate organisational approaches and by providing the resources, in order to pursue the vision and achieve the objectives set in accordance with strategic policies. In Makoter d.o.o. quality is an established value that all of us working in business processes are aware of and it signifies better, cheaper, faster and safer realisation of  the demands of all stakeholders.Further improvements are achieved by setting the objectives. Relying on indicators, the process objectives are measured, monitored and improved. Quality management is based on the ISO 9001 quality standard, which has enabled the setting up of processes and defining of the related objectives and administrators. The quality system is connected with the requirements pertaining to products and services. Thereby the quality system objectives are at the same time process objectives  and are in accordance with the business objectives.

Makoter trough time

Company vision

The company wants to be among the leading manufacturers of hygienic packaging in Slovenia and comparable to the leading European manufacturers.