The digital transformation of Makoter d.o.o.

Makoter d.o.o. received co-financing for the implementation of the operation “Digital Transformation of Makoter d.o.o.”


STT (flexiloophandle), DKT (Patched handle bags), Vest bags, Bags for industrial use, …


Construction foil, Foils for machine packaging, Polyethylene foil, Stretch foils, Thermo contractile foil

Our company

The main products of the company are polyethylene foil and bags.

Care for quality

Quality policy is the topmost commitment of the Makoter d.o.o. management, which is to ensure successful business in the long term, based on appropriate organisational approaches and by providing the resources, in order to pursue the vision and achieve the objectives set in accordance with strategic policies. In Makoter d.o.o. quality is an established value that all of us working in business processes are aware of and it signifies better, cheaper, faster and safer realisation of  the demands of all stakeholders.Further improvements are achieved by setting the objectives. Relying on indicators, the process objectives are measured, monitored and improved. Quality management is based on the ISO 9001 quality standard, which has enabled the setting up of processes and defining of the related objectives and administrators. The quality system is connected with the requirements pertaining to products and services. Thereby the quality system objectives are at the same time process objectives  and are in accordance with the business objectives.

Makoter through time


Milica Makoter registers the trade as second job.


Milica Makoter’s 200 m2 workshop is taken over by Janko Makoter.


Additional workshop, 50 m2, is built, machines for the manufacturing PE foil and bags are bought.


Purchase of an extruder and a printing press.


Purchase of a new machine for bag manufacture and a new extruder for foil manufacture. 200 m2 of office space is built.


Purchase of two machines for the manufacture of PE foil, purchase of a six-colour printing press and an automatic machine for bag manufacture. The number of employees rises to 10.


Building a new production hall with dining hall, dressing room and washroom altogether 600 m2 and a new parking lot. The number of employees is 17.


Founding and registering the company Makoter d.o.o. (Makoter Ltd.).


Own transformer station is built.


Purchasing additional machines for bag manufacture and a machine for printing block manufacture.


Makoter d.o.o starts operating.


Transfer of means and employees from Janko Makoter to company Makoter d.o.o.


Acquiring ISO 9001 certificate for the quality of the products and for the operation.


Modernisation of capacities. Purchase of extruder for the manufacture of three ply PE foil, purchase of eight colour printing press, of welding machine for bags with flexible handle, A new production hall is built. There are 4,000 m2 of business premises and 62 employees.


The income on sale exceeds 20 million German marks. Annual production capacities reach 4500 tons. At the end of the year, there are 86 employees in the company.


Purchase of a machine for recycling the waste foil and a machine for mixing the dye.


Income on sale is 10 million. EUR. There is an increase of investments in capacity and in quality improvement on existing equipment. The number of employees rises to 92


88 million SIT are invested for transformer station, printing equipment and and projecting roof. There are 103 employees in the company.


Introduction of the machine for patch handle bags. Initiation of the new information system. The company employs 111 workers at the end of the year.


Introduction of the Inline-printing machine and another 3-layer coexstruder. Initiation of the integrated information system. The company employs 105 workers at the end of the year.


Acquired a new 8-colour flexo-printing machine and a new converting machine for wicket bags, especially used in tissue and hygienic industry.


To fulfill the wishes of our customers and there for we have acquired a new machine for flexi loop bags in order to shorter delivery date. Because of efficient production, we invest in a device for remaking cutting.


Acquired for new machine for making bags length max 4m and the enrollment of new activities CONSTRUCTION (front and painting works, production of KNAUF systems and ARMSTRONG ceiling) ; at the end of the year, there are 130 employees in the company – 12 employees construction industry.


Investment in new 10-colour printing machine.


Investment in new confectioning machine.




Investment in housing estate and closed cooling powered by compressors.


Building of new warehouse, new productions space and commissioning machine for hygiene / sanitary bags.


Commissioning of printing machine with width 1700mm.


Investment in a new confectioning machine.


Investment in new plastics recycling machine and two confectioning machines.


Commissioning of printing machine.


Commissioning of slitter with laser perforation.

Company vision



The company wants to be among the leading manufacturers of hygienic packaging in Slovenia and comparable to the leading European manufacturers.